The following steps describe how to use our REST API

Our REST API interface is used to integrate SAREpush service capabilities with client’s personal projects.The API is designed for developers and is accompanied with a detailed documentation.

API service works only over the HTTPS protocol and is essentially a set of methods that are used to perform requests and receive responses for each operation.

API endpoint

All references to API requests include the root URL:

All responses are returned in the form of JSON structures.

The maximum number of entries in one reply is 100. Use the limit and offset parameters to indicate number of entries and starting entry.


Authorization process requires a API key and unique website identifier signing each further API request. Your credentials can be found in Integrations. Click on Integrations in sidebar or can be found on the following URL:

Treat your API Key as though it is a password. Do not add it to public repositories (e.g. github, bitbucket) and do not share it with anyone.

Add an HTTP header with the key Authorization and the value Basic YOUR_API_KEY

You can reset the API keys, for instance when you feel your keys may have been compromised. Please note the old API key can no longer be used once it has been reset.

Second method to get unique website identifier is request REST API interface to retrieve a list of websites:

Retrieving a list of websites

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